Traffolyte Nameplates

Traffolyte Nameplates are used across many different sectors, from simple manufacturing information as to where something has been made, through to displaying important safety details on equipment so that it is used correctly. Compared to using a self adhesive label where over the course of the item being used this information can get damaged or worn out, an etched traffolyte nameplate will still be as robust as the day it was first applied. Therefore making sure if the reason you are using it is to comply with directives such as quality , law or health and safety then a printed nameplate is the product for you.

Colourful Traffolyte Nameplates !

Traffolyte Nameplates are generally used in harsh environments and are more commonly laser etched. Advancements on colour layering allows for a very adaptable label design. Traffolyte is actually a generic name for phenolic engraving laminate, a material that is made up of multiple layers; each layer is a different colour which would be exposed during the engraving process, depending on what colour is needed.Basically as you etch into the material you expose the different layers of colour that you design requires. Using this method of manufacture compared to a standard printed acrylic nameplate which is already very durable, the traffolyte version can go to even harsher environments as its the material itself that holds the colour.

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Design Flexibility:

  • A range of colour layers
  • A range of surface finishes
  • Software driven computer to nameplate marking

Design Benefits:

  • Tough finish
  • Laser etched permanent process
  • Multicoloured materials
  • UV stable
  • Available with a range of fixings, holes and adhesives
  • Impact resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

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