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Industrial labelling is a blanket term for many of the diverse services and products that we supply at Customark, our industrial labels are central to our production. We use a diverse variety of machinery to produce our industrial labels such as automatic print and apply labellers, outer case and tray labellers, ink and ribbon labelling methods, and inkjet marking to name a few. Our assortment of industrial label printing means we can tailor your industrial labelling to your specific trade requirements all maintained by our ISO9001:2015 quality system.

Industrial Labelling Supplier

At Customark, we supply our customers with industrial labelling that suits their needs.  For example, we make sure we provide the reeling specification that suits your in-house overprinting requirements such as edge trim, core size and roll diameter. We also provide labels using a wide range of materials such as vinyl, self-adhesive, PP synthetic, polyester and so much more. As a leading manufacturer of custom industrial labels with extensive experience, we guarantee durable but affordable labelling alternatives.

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If you’re looking for your next industrial labels supplier, think Customark. Our customers always return because of our quick and friendly customer service, our constantly evolving and innovative company ethos, our extensive supply, our industry links to companies such as 3M, Avery and Sabic but most importantly our competitive prices.

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Still confused as to what the term Industrial Labels means?

Well, we have a huge range of industrial labelling products at Customark and our range is backed by 50 years of experience and boasts top quality. You’ll hear printing terms such as Flexographic Print, Screen Printing, UV and Wide Format Digital through to Pad / Tampo Printing being used in the production of Industrial Labelling.  Let’s break down what we consider to fall into the header of Industrial Labelling.

Typical examples of Industrial Labelling and Graphics are :

  • Roll Labels – Self-adhesive labels that can be manufactured plain or printed in a variety of materials such as paper, polyester and vinyl. Commonly used for multiple purposes such as box labelling in the distribution sector through to product labelling in most industries.
  • Packaging Labels – Whether you are using a simple one colour printed label or eye-catching full-colour design, these labels help to make your product stand out or conform to packaging guidelines.
  • Component Test Labels – Industrial Conformance labelling is important to prove a procedure has been undertaken and completed. Printed labels such as Tested for Electrical Safety, Calibrated, Pat Tested and Security Sealed are an integral need for many businesses.
  • Asset Labels – Serialised or Barcoded labels along with a company-specific details can be used to apply to important and often costly business Assets, so the use of marking labels is a strong visual warning that certain items have been catalogued and registered should they be stolen. Often not only used in private companies but also Schools and local authorities.
  • Barcode Labels – With such a varied amount of types from simple EAN 13, Code 39 and 128 through to more complex QR (2D) Codes, it is fair to say Barcode Labels are used worldwide with the use of the tracking and identifying the product they are applied too. They not only have Industrial uses but are heavily used in the Retail sector.
  • Resin Domed Labels – These 3D labels are used across industry sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Communications through to Security and Leisure to name just a few. The doming process can take a lifeless flat self-adhesive label and convert them into a functional eye-catching brand tool.
  • Nameplates – Sometimes a self-adhesive label isn’t hard-wearing enough and you need a more rigid durable industrial option. Printed Nameplates or Rating Plates can be produced in either Acrylic / Plastic or Metals such as Stainless Steel or Aluminium and supplied with an adhesive or fixing hole finish should you wish to rivet them onto your product.
  • Gaskets & Insulators – Specifically manufactured to suit both electrical and mechanical applications using industrial materials that conform to UL and flame-retardant needs. Precision cut to the tightest tolerances using platen, digital and laser technologies.
  • Safety and Warning Labels – Coming in all shapes and sizes and used every day for industrial purposes, making sure when a product or machine is used they are safe. From Hazard Warning Diamonds used on chemical drums, fire extinguishers and paint tins through to Safety signage on Walls and Floors showing if it’s safe to be onsite or use.
  • Graphic Overlays – A key part of any control system as they are both functional and informative and used commonly in the electronics and medical sector. The printed durable graphic often has clear windows to allow a display to show through when an operator interacts with the machine it is applied too.
  • Membrane Keypads – A functional and aesthetic user interface between the control systems hardware and its software. Used in domestic and industrial applications since the early eighties these complex printed graphics can be tactile or non-tactile and form part of the items circuitry.
  • In-Mould Decoration – A highly technical process that rather than applying a self-adhesive label to the product, infuses the graphic itself into the manufactured item when it is moulded. Making the printed detail as hard wearing as the material it is made from and is a growing branding process in the Industrial marking sector.

These are a small cross-section of how Customark can help with Industrial Labelling applications and more information on each of these products can be found by viewing their specific pages.


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