The Do’s and Don’ts of Font

Typography - the word create

When it comes to your labels, window stickers or your floor stickers you want to make sure that they get your specific message across. When choosing typography you want to make sure that they are legible, noticeable and complement the design perfectly; here are a few handy tips from us at Customark: Fewer fonts make…

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Do you really understand PAT testing?

PAT test on plug

What does PAT mean? Is it important? Portable appliance testing, also known as PAT, is the examination of electrical equipment and appliances to guarantee that they are safe for use. Visual inspections will find most faults but a few types of defects can only be found by testing. As important as actual testing is, it…

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Why switch to Capacitive Touch Keypads?

Capacitive touch

Cost Effective and Durable Here at Customark, for some years now, we have been designing and manufacturing Capacitive Touch Keypads and we are finding it to be a developing market, this is due to them being an alternative to traditional interfaces like Membrane Keypads.  The production of a flexible Capacitive Keypad is less complicated than…

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Further Investment at Customark Wiltshire

laser printing

CCM Premier 78 Guillotine Out with the old and in with the new, as our CCM Premier 78 guillotine has been installed. The £22,000 machine has been purchased to replace Wiltshire’s Goodhale 920 guillotine which had been running for over 20 years. The new machine will- “Increase productivity and is part of our continued investment…

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Graphic Overlays or Membrane Keypads?

Graphic Overlay

With all the techno babble it can sometimes be very confusing how to decide on how your product is going to function with its end user. Do you have a simple graphic overlay or do you go for a full blown interactive membrane keypad, and how will it affect how your product develops? Don’t feel…

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